Trafo Kunsthall

Oslo / Asker, 2023

  • Trafo Kunsthall / Lensmannslia 60, 1386 Asker
  • Thursday - Sunday: 12:00 - 16:00
  • Trafo Kunsthall is delighted to announce the opening of Ulrich Voglís solo exhibition The Newsroom, Satruday 16 September 2023.

    Visual artist Ulrich Vogl transforms the space of the large exhibition hall at Trafo Kunsthall into a gigantic film-machine. He creates a monumental installation that seamlessly blends elements from several artforms - sculpture and sound, cinema and film - to construct a captivating space of light and shadow.

    To enter one must pass through an enclosed conduit. The walls block the sounds from the outside and silence fills the narrow passage. Behind that room lies the showroom: the stage is set - welcome to The Newsroom.

    A markedly distinct space opens up. In the far end of the room stands an army of dazzling spotlights, their intense rays directed at anyone who may enter. Following the trajectory of the light beams, they illuminate numerous spinning wheels of various sizes that are extended from the high ceiling. As the lights pass through the empty spokes of the wheels, their traces are expanded to the walls in the form of vibrant shadows.

    Like a film strip with blank images, the empty space between the spokes is a gesture that allows the imagination to add content to an ever-evolving story. To explore the inner parts of the film machine is also to continuously shift between the role of the protagonist and the spectator in one's own spectacle. All appears like a film set in which the roles of the narrative are yet to be filled. The Newsroom is an open space - a show that may contain everything - and nothing.